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How DIA leverages NFTs to enable distributed data rights management and enable secondary markets for data.

The Data Rights Management Problem

We are excited to join forces with Ferrum Network to bring DIA’s open-source oracles to the ecosystem of projects running under Ferrum’s incubator arm, the Iron Alliance.

DIA and Deflicliq announce a partnership to integrate DIA’s open-source and transparent oracles into Deficliq’s lending platform to improve its security and privacy layers.

Frequently asked questions of DIA ARTs — Autonomous Right Tokens.

What are DIA ARTs?

What are sARTs?

DIA and Outlier Ventures invite you to join a panel of pioneers of the web3 metaverse to explore the evolution of the space, share insights and discuss which challenges and opportunities lie within this uprising new cosmos and how convergence might impact it.

DIA is creating the data infrastructure to enable a harmonised, interconnected metaverse. With the launch of ARTs - utility-NFTs that act as unique keys to access the metadata of relevant NFT ecosystems we create a foundation for interoperability and portability in an open metaverse. This short piece introduces on the first ART genesis drop.


This piece gives an overview of how ART pools work. Who gets what, how is it calculated and what is the background? Read up on the details here.

General Pool Architecture

  1. Enable a tracking and potential monetisation path for data sources,
  2. incentivise the sourcing of new data sets by the community,
  3. reward the DIA DAO for the provision of rights management infrastructure.

License Pool by the DIA Root ART

  • 30% are burned (transfer to 0xdead)
    The burning of DIA Tokens is designed to create long-term deflationary effects and increase DIA adoption.

We are excited to announce a new joint collaboration with Arcana to enhance the DIA platform through Arcana’s privacy stack while strengthening Arcana’s treasury management via DIA’s oracle suit.

We are excited to announce a new collaboration with Dotmoovs to leverage DIA’s transparent oracles to secure Dotmoov’s platform member data validation.

We are excited to announce a new partnership to integrate DIA oracles into the decentralised hosting and storage platform ArGo.


DIA is a Swiss non-profit association that provides open-source access to crowd-verified financial and digital asset data.

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