We are delighted to join forces with Aurora to bring DIA’s open-source and transparent price feed oracles into Aurora, the EVM built as a smart contract on Near Protocol.

We are thrilled to announce DIA’s first dApp integration on the Fantom network. DIA will feed Ovre’s decentralised NFT marketplace with verified and transparent data feeds.

We are thrilled to announce the ‘DIAx’ index family. Launched in cooperation with Morningstar Indexes, DIAx indexes provide transparent and regulatory compliant performance measures for individual digital assets and baskets of assets.

Reference Prices and Indexes

DIA announces a new dApp integration to start delivering its cross-chain oracle capabilities for Teneo’s multi-layered yield optimisation protocol.

We are thrilled to announce the deployment of DIA’s data infrastructure into Godwoken, the EVM layer-2 blockchain by Nervos.

We are excited to announce that DIA oracles are live on Avalanche mainnet providing developers access to DIA’s accurate and transparent price feeds.

This initiative is designed to offset DIA’s oracle carbon footprint, in partnership with a DAO chosen program and by leveraging the DIA platform capabilities.

Blockchain and the environmental impact


DIA is a Swiss non-profit association that provides open-source access to crowd-verified financial and digital asset data.

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