Community AMA, December 2021

Here is a recap of the second Community AMA, a monthly session where the DIA Team will answer DIA’s community questions and suggestions on the DIA Telegram Community Chat.

Building a DIA Data community has not seen a breakthrough at the moment, so does the team have a plan to build a community in the near future?

May I know the roadmap for the year 2022 with more details?

Have you considered adding new data types or services to cater for the increasingly rich DeFi and metaverse?

How did you get the project to use DIA data, active connection? Passive connection? Because I want so many projects to use DIAdata, 100+ or even 200+!

I am a long-term investor, in the past bull cycle, the token has performed very poorly. How can you explain it?

Why are there so many tokens unlocked? Why does the team need so much money? That’s a lot of money. What are they for?

  • 50% — 3.43125 M DIA: Oracle and product development (3–12 months)
  • 20% — 1.3725 M DIA: Marketing/staking/community development (1–12 months)
  • 30% — 2.05875 M DIA: Team growth and DAO development (1–24 months)

I see that DIA will release more coins in the near future. But DIA won’t give us any development for upcoming sell pressure bec of releasing more coins. It means to our investors, the DIA team wants more money and the DIA team won’t protect their investors from price loss.

Are there any new updates regarding the DIA ARTs? And the claimable pools?

Hello DIA Team, can I ask when Coinbase will add DIA? Thanks for the answer

As you know DIA token price is being pressured whenever it passes $2 and this is speculated by some people that the team is selling at that price. Is that true?

Can you explain to us more about the last Treasury Vote result

Is currently any staking program taking place for DIA token holders?

How does DIA plan to serve the new wave of gaming and metaverse projects?

It’s very cool to see some DAO interaction. Are there any updates on the development of the DIA DAO

I have recently seen DIA announce a partnership with Ovre. They are a Fantom based project, but there has not been an announcement of integration with Fantom. Can you share why?

What can you tell us about DIA’s collaboration with Morningstar? Seems very bullish!

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DIA is a multi-chain, end-to-end, open-source data and oracle platform for Web3.

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DIA Core Team

DIA is a multi-chain, end-to-end, open-source data and oracle platform for Web3.