DIA Interest Allocation

Within the ongoing efforts of the DIA Association to distribute governance and reward the long-term commitment of our investors, we are excited to announce the DIA Interest Distribution Program.

DIA Association will enable private sale investors and public sale investors to allocate DIA tokens to an interest yield contract. The program will allow investors to allocate tokens to a smart contract that will yield varying interest payments in DIA for runtimes of 3, 6 or 12 months, respectively.

An initial cap of 6M DIA (3M for private sale investors, 3M for public sale investors) is set on the amount that can be allocated to the contract. Private sale investors will be able to assign their allocation directly with the DIA team, while public sale investors will be provided with an interface to lock in their tokens directly.

This first tranche will be incentivised with a bonus yield as outlined below. If the demand exceeds the initial tranche, an additional tranche with different conditions may be opened without the bonus. Further tranches may be opened at lower interest rates.

The DIA Interest Program will be made accessible shortly. The link to the interface will be communicated here, in our Telegram group, our Telegram announcements channel and our Twitter feed. The interface will be accessible starting Thursday August 13 at 3pm CET.

Key Facts


DIA offers three different runtimes with varying interest payments. The higher the runtimes, the higher the yield:

  • 3 months runtime: 10% p.a.
  • 6 months runtime: 15% p.a.
  • 12 months runtime: 22% p.a.


A bonus interest yield will be rewarded to investors who participate in the first tranche. Only the first tranche will reward bonus interest yield. In case a second tranche is opened, it will yield interest at the above listed rates only.

  • Bonus for 3 months runtime: 2,5% p.a.
  • Bonus for 6 months runtime: 5% p.a.
  • Bonus for 12 months runtime: 10% p.a.


In order to mitigate absorption of the caps by private sale investors, the tranches will be split between private sale investors and public sale investors. If the tranches are filled and heavily oversubscribed, DIA will open a new tranche at lower interest rates, equal for both private sale- and public investors. The interest of the following tranches which will be communicated before they will be made accessible.

  • 3M tokens can be allocated by private sale investors
  • 3M tokens can be allocated by public sale investors


The interest pool will be allocated on a first come first serve basis. For the first phase, a total of 6M tokens can be allocated to the interest contracts. Pending adoption of the interest lockup among the community, DIA may decide to open another phase at terms that are yet to be decided.


The program will be accessible starting Thursday, August 13 at 3pm CET. Links will be provided in our Telegram group and channel and on our Twitter feed.

The program will end on Monday, August 17 at 23:00 CET or when a tranche is filled and no new tranche opened — whichever happens earlier. Any submissions after that time, will not be accepted.

How it works

On August 13 at 3pm CET, DIA holders can begin to lock their tokens into the DIA interest contracts. A dedicated interface will be provided as shown below. Investors from the private sale will be able to subscribe with their DIA team contact.

Before you start, please make sure that you read and understand the terms and conditions.

Step 1: Set amount and connect wallet

  1. Enter the amount of tokens you wish to allocate and set the runtime you wish to lock them in for.
  2. The amount of DIA you will earn and the total accrued amount you receive back will be calculated and displayed in the interface.
  3. Connect the wallet that holds your DIA by clicking the button “Connect your wallet”. When prompted, confirm/approve.

Step 2: Enable the interest transaction

  • The button will change to say “Enable Interest Transaction”.
  • Clicking the button will initiate the authorisation to transfer the defined amount of DIA tokens to the DIA Interest Smart Contract. When prompted, confirm/approve.

Step 3: Lock your tokens

  • The button will change to say “Lock your tokens”. When you click the button, your wallet will prompt you to confirm.
  • When you confirm, the DIA tokens will be withdrawn from your wallet and sent to the DIA Interest Smart Contract. The total accrued amount (principal + interest) will be transferred back to the same wallet after the specified runtime.

Additional information

  • Make sure to add enough gas fees to your transactions. This is a tool to calculate gas fees.
  • Your tokens will be locked into the interest contract along with the appropriate 100% backed amount of DIA interest. This amount will be sent back to your wallet on the strike date.
  • The exact date and time at which your tokens plus interest will be sent back to your wallet is dependent on the time of lock-in and the runtime you choose. It will be displayed after you lock-in your tokens.
  • Locked up tokens are not eligible for voting, data dispute staking, trading or other token related activities.
  • Please beware that we can not foresee the Ethereum network congestion on the strike date. It may occur that the transaction takes some time to arrive on your wallet.

Example calculation


  • 10.000 DIA investment
  • Investment into upcoming program
  • 6 months runtime (15% p.a. base interest + 5% p.a. bonus interest)


10.000 DIA x (0,15 x 6/12) + 10.000 DIA x (0,05 x 6/12)
= 750 DIA + 250 DIA
= 1000 DIA
= 20% APR


The DIA Interest Program smart Contract has been independently audited by Chainsulting:


Which wallets are supported?

Currently, Coinbase Wallet and MetaMask are supported. More wallets will be added.

Can I unlock anytime I want or the contract is fixed?

The contract duration is fixed, no redemption is possible within the committed interest lag.

Can the same wallet stake different amounts at different locking periods?

No, it is only possible to stake the tokens once per program per wallet.

How do Private Sale investors contact the team for staking?

Best is to reach out per Telegram to PaulClaudius

Where do the rewards come from?

With the interest program we are launching a first part of the ecosystem pool as described in https://medium.com/dia-insights/the-dia-ecosystem-token-pool-cabc41d77da7.

What is the duration for the interest and the percentage payout?

See above. The interest is stated in p.a. terms for the different months/leg periods. You can find the formula to monthly conversion, incl. business day convention, in the Terms.

Is there a minimum requirement for the lock up staking?

No. You can allocate at little as 1 DIA to the contract.

This is not investment advice. Before deciding to proceed, please read our Terms & Conditions for the Interest Program as well as our Legal Disclaimer.

About DIA

DIA (Decentralised Information Asset) is an open-source, financial information platform that utilises crypto economic incentives to source and validate data. Market actors can supply, share and use financial and digital asset data.



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